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BBi Injector Testimonials!

Bill A. Vancouver, Wa. :

Vehicle Info: 2006 Dodge Ram 2500 Std Cab 2500 2wd, Source Auto Trans with Triple Disc, Billet Input, Billet Intermediate, HD Flexplate, Source Auto VB, Maghytec DD Pan, Airdog 200GPH, BBI Stage 1 Injectors, Detroit Locker, 3.73 Gears, S & B Intake, 4” Turbo back Exhaust with Dual Mufflers, HTT 62/65/12 Turbo, ARP 625CA Studs, SMARTY UDC Tuned

"First impression after install of BBI Stage 1 injectors was how smooth the idle was compared to stock reman injectors I had in it. I have always had a little stumble at idle as well as it was never a smooth idle. With the BBI installed idle is smooth as glass. After a little tuning with UDC on the Mustang Dyno at Source Automotive we were able to squeeze a whopping 610 RWHP and 1207 Ft lbs out of the HTT 62/12 turbo with a peak EGT of 1500 degrees. Been driving the truck back and forth to work the past week and all I can say is WOW, had to ask Robert the Head Tech and Tuner at Source Automotive how he managed to attach my boost gauge to my throttle pedal as I apply throttle my boost gauge immediately follows.

The truck is an absolute blast to drive, you can drive it easy or hammer down with little to no smoke and ZERO Injector rattle which has been a constant issue. In my opinion you could not get a better injector for all around performance. I cannot wait until race season begins as I am interested to see what the truck will do in the quarter mile."


Tom L from Iowa writes:

"What all started with a message lead me to my best purchase, the BBI stage 1 injectors. My truck fires right up, keeps the egt's in check and is just fun to drive. There is really no smoke unless I hammer on it and then not a lot, no injector rattle. Its just so smooth. The support that I have received from Brian at SmartyResource and Bill from Source Automotive can't even be explained. They have answered all of my questions and concerns and also with the install. The BBI's are top notch hand built brand new injectors and that is a piece of mind that made my purchase choice that much easier.
Thanks BBI, SmartyResource and Source Automotive for a great product Tom"

"Havent updated this in awhile. Love them, the truck doesn't have injector rattle at all really smooth while in the throttle. Running around town and the highway the egt dont get over 900 degrees and when I hammer on it around 1200. I still have the stock turbo and stock trans. Alot more get up and go. Dont really know bout the mileage yet because I cant keep my foot out of it and with it being cold out I let it run for bout 20min before I drive it.

All in all I'm very pleased with them and would recommend to anyone. The support that I've got from Smarty Resource(Brian) and Bill from Source Automotive just cannot be thanked enough. The special ends at the end of the month. If you want any info or that pm me and I can give you my number.

I called ddp and they didn't even call me back so that wasn't a hard decision on my part. Service is huge for me and that is what I've got from these guys. Also Marco is part of these injectors and this is what he recommends with the Smarty."


David E. from Georgia, AKA Big Swole on Comp D and Cummins Forum writes:


Can you confirm actually how big your injectors are? If I remember correctly, they are supposed to 90's.

Well let me just say this, if they are only 90's, they get the Hell DOWN!!!!


These injectors of Marco's made my truck run and sound like brand new!!

I have Zero rattle like I had!
I have Zero white smoke at idle when it was cold.
I have Zero sputtering and missing like I did.
ALL I did was swap the injectors. 2hrs and I went from what I had to a perfect running and driving truck.

Jeff, Rick , & I went for a ride. Jeff was seriously impressed... He really was.

At almost 8000 lbs. It got squirrly in rear in lock up in 3rd.

They DEFINITELY have the Swole seal of Approval!!!

Not just BS... There are vids on my YT channel of how it ran after those I borrowed from Marco and after mine were sent back.. BAD ARSE!!!!

And yes, Marco's 90's felt just as fast as when mine came back with my Flux 4's on them... Even Garmon was amazed!!

My truck was running so great..

With those injectors it was running better than it ever had..

Marco is Awesome!!!

And I'm smiling REALLY big right now!!!!!>"

Another from David E. from Georgia, AKA Big Swole:

As an owner of a set of BBI's before they were technically officially BBI's (marketed anyway), They were amazing to me at how much power they made, smooth they ran, and were rattle free!

I tested Marco's set he sent me from Italy while they had mine over there to rebuild.

I'm sure other companies produce good stuff as well but I've never experienced a set of injectors that ran that way in my 05 "Interceptor"...

Too bad I had so many other non-injector related isssues...LOL

When I get back into it, I'll be hitting Brian up for a Set!!


Russell T:

-BBI's Baby!!!!

"I installed a set of BBI 1.5's in my Early '11 6.7 at about 18 000 miles, I have slightly over 20 000 miles on it now. Before the BBI's my fuel mileage was 10 mpg hand calculated on a good day highway driving reasonable, with a mix of in town/highway driving I averaged about 6/8 mpg.

The biggest kick in the balls was when I hooked onto a trailer, flat deck hauling 3 sleds, 3000 lbs maybe, mileage would drop off to 6/7 mpg on the highway at the very best. I once hooked on to a 38' fifth wheel camper for a short 100 mile haul...would have been cheaper to charter a plane and stay in a hotel.

So, In go the BBI's, immediately I gained at least 5 mpg at the minimum across the board hand calculated....and I didn't have the big drop in mileage while pulling a light trailer either. These numbers are not exaggerated at all, I have hand calculated 18 mpg highway only at 65 mph....mind you this is in ideal conditions, flat ground, no wind, no load, etc. where before it was 10 mpg max in the same conditions.

This is all on winter fuel.

On first start up after install the idle was noticeably smoother, at highway speeds the engine runs way quieter and way smoother, (I had bad injector noise with the stock sticks even at 15 lbs boost cruising down the road). I usually keep the Smarty on Level 5, I've tried levels up to 9 and no injector rattle or noise at all with the BBI's. I haven't seen above 1300 degrees EGT's yet, mind you the load percentage gets less and rpm's rise as I put my foot through the transmission. The turbos light instantly, very little smoke, and no chance of snuffing out the chargers with too much fuel off the line.

I can't say enough good about these sticks without sounding like a poster boy for BBI. Definatley worth the money IMO. I had the deletes, twins, etc in the truck already, there were no other changes made when the BBI's were installed and I've owned the truck from new. I keep a close eye on fuel mileage, the whole purpose of this build is to see what kind of mileage increases I can achieve, I still have alot of testing to do with different Smarty levels to see if there's anymore in it the way it sits. Next to go in is a Colt Cam and some valve springs, see where that takes me, then a Free Spin hub kit for the front diff."


Nick in Wisconsin:

"Ok guys recently I put some money into the truck and bought some stage 2 BBI injectors and wanted to give my opinion on them. I know there has been a lot of skepticism about how much they cost for the gain but all I can say is they are worth it.

First off I have been running them for a few thousand miles now and have done all sorts of driving with them. The first time i fired them up i noticed a difference right away. they idled smooth as butter like no other common rail ive ever heard before. driving around town there is no smoke down low or really anywhere for that matter. the mileage is about the same as it was when i had my 90's in. they don't rate these sticks horsepower wise but id be willing to bet they are somewhere around 150's. The stage 2's have made 998 horsepower on another truck so i know they can make big power.

dropping the hammer on this thing is a freight train. it pulls hard and hazes a little bit up top but runs great and doesn't run out of fuel at all.

i chose the stage 2's because they have the potential to make 1000 hp if i ever want to get up that high. but you can drive them normal with way less horsepower and not smoke out intersections and downtowns. Really these are the best of both worlds big hp with great drivability.

Also big thanks to Brian at smarty for getting me these injectors quick and providing the knowledge."

Kurt K, Horseshoe Bend Idaho:

"I installed my BBi Stage 1 injectors last winter and after driving many thousands of miles on many long towing trips I can tell you I am very impressed with these. I use my Smarty on level 3 with the BBi’s and the main duty of this truck is towing. I have manageable EGT considering the power I have and no smoke when the boost builds. Excellent MPG. My truck has a stock turbo and stock lift pump and I am at 522 rwhp on level 3 and it is pulling well. This truck is noticeably smoother and quieter with BBi injectors compared to my stockers. Both, at idle, and running down the road. Right from the start, that benefit jumped right out at you. In addition to enjoying the experience of how well these BBi’s do in my 07 5.9 I have a great piece of mind knowing a bit more on how these brand new hand built injectors are manufactured and learning just a little bit more about the designer. I know I would want none other these BBi 1’s.

These injectors work perfect for my needs right now and I look forward to the day when I get my Source Automotive twins installed knowing that I will have plenty of fuel flow ability with these injectors to run near 800 horsepower for play if I desire to do so."

Gecovey Coffman of Coffman Customs:

"I have been running the 03/04 stage 2s in my personal 05 for the past month. I just haven't had time to write a review thread for them.

Long story short, best injectors I have ever run. Made a complete difference in how the truck performs across the board."


David, Portland Oregon:

"I am currently running and have been running the stage 1's in my 05 for 20k miles, I have friends and family with common rails that don't run as smooth and good as my truck has since I installed the BBI's, i am a diesel tech and have been for 5 years, I work with cummins a lot and haven't Seen any company or injector that comes close to the BBI's. Injector's are the heart of a diesel and I don't see why anyone would want to use a lesser quality when it come to injectors.. I have everything in my sig and have been running it like this for a while now, never had an issue with starting or running rough, I tow and drag race and drive this thing everyday, it always runs good and i get around 22mpg with the smarty on level 9, my next step is to get it on the dyno for UDC tuning, I can only imagine it will run better and harder! I wouldn't recommend another injector after seeing and running these injectors, there development is top shelf and I wouldn't settle for less!"


Joe @A1 auto & diesel:

03 BBi Stage 1’s

I got those stix in and they sure do idle nice.

The biggest improvement is the injector rattle is completely gone. No change in tune and went from insane rattle at low rpm no boost to no rattle at all.

Smoke is down and seems like power is up.

This thing is as quiet as it was new when rolling down the freeway now. The best stix I have had in my truck to date and I have had 2 sets of ddp, a set of II, a set of Flux, and a set from Exergy and these are by far the quietest and smoothest.


Blue 05 Cummins. Portland Or. :

BBI are amazing! run great in my 5.9. mine did 385hp and 725 tq with no tuning just BBI stage 1s and an air dog fuel system.. runs smooth as glass!!



I run BBI-1's and love them. Great mileage, clean and quiet. They are honestly the quietest injectors I have ran and deff the smoothest running.

You will not be disappointed if you do go that route. Don't have any experience with BMS but I have ran DDP, II, Exergy, and F1"

Another from JOESHTRDDSL:

I have BBI 1's, a 64/68/.9, twin pumps, and 181 210 cam and towed an 11k+ pound trailer all over the mountains on the same tune I ran a 12.8 on and there

wasn't a hint of soot on the trailer and only very slight soot around the exhaust tip. Unloaded is pretty much smoke free just normal driving


John Jacobs AKA AH64ID:

I am very impressed with how clean of a combustion these injectors produce. Even thou my tune is fairly conservative I would have been able to make a train jealous on my old injectors if I desired, and thou I have only tried a few times I have yet to see anything more than a light fog out the tailpipe for a split second, small enough that it barely is visible in the headlights behind me. The biggest testament to how clean they are is the exhaust brake, for as long as I can remember when I would turn on the exhaust brake around town I would get a puff of black smoke out the exhaust from the soot around the brake being blown loose by the pressure. This doesn't happen with the BBi's, not even a wisp of smoke, which to me says the combustion is cleaner and the exhaust has much less soot in it.

As for the tuning I think I am getting the duration map dialed in, and the SOP meter tells me I am probably within 25hp of where I was before, but the dyno in Feb will confirm. I may tweak cruise timing a little between now and then, but really until I hook up the camper and/or the weather warms up the tune is working quite well.

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