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EBC GD7098 Front Rotors (94-02 2WD)

Price: $631.00
Item Number: GD-7098
Manufacturer: EBC Brakes
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GD7098 Rotor; 3GD EBC Sport; Set of Two; Front; 12.5 in. Dia.;

Prevents Ribbing/Scoring Of Rotor Surface
Wide Aperture Slots Keep Pads And Rotors Cooler
Dimple Drilling Degasses Pads w/o Cracking
Ideal For Use w/EBC Upgrade Sport Pads
Anti-Corrosion Coating
Full Width Slots Ensure Flat and Parallel Wear
Eliminates Rotor Galling/Improves Brake Efficiency
Full Width Slots Expel Dirt/Dust/Water/Gases

Dodge Ram 2500 1994-1999
Dodge Ram 3500 1994-1999
Dodge Ram 2500 Van 1999

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