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Customer Testimonials

To my new friends at Source Automotive,
I am very pleased about the work you did for me. I came to you with a problem and you helped find the right solution. This truck runs excellent and it's amazing to drive now. It's better by far after all of the things we did. You folks have a great reputation. I relyed on that when I was searching for the solution. I have not been disappointed. In fact, I'm rather amazed. With a stellar engine rebuild and a lengthy list of upgrade parts that made this much different than new I am having a blast. The Smarty Touch is a necessary component and I really appreciate your extra effort to help me get the best out of it.

Thank you,
Dave Roley

Just wanted to say thanks again for the service you all have given me over the last 3 years. The head work, rings and studs, htt 62/14 the TST pmx3, DSS, 3 different SBend clutches and recently the Borgenson shaft and steering box. Every time I have had a question on what to do or what not to do you have always steered me to what I was needing or looking for. I have to say the biggest thing was the type of people you have working for you. Bill and Robert and the helicopter guy (even though he drives a ford) do first-class work. Also nice, that due to my drive 3 hours south of you, you've have worked me in on weekends.

Thanks again,
Justin B.



I just wanted to thank you again for the excellent service and care you take to make your customers happy. The HTT 62/12 turbo and installation kit worked excellent on my truck. You seem to have this stuff dialed in. You sent me a piece of extension pipe, an extra band clamp, and a no.1 exhaust hanger to make then new HX-40 down pipe work with my existing Magnaflow exhaust, at no additional charge. I had everything I needed to change to the new turbo. I'm still taking it easy to give the new turbo some break-in time but this HTT 62/12 is working out sweet. I was surprised how well it does spool up and yes it is hard to equal that little HY-35 for spool up, but this turbo really takes off when it starts to spool and gives me so much more through out the RPM's. The truck doesn't seem to nose over like it used to and I'm not driving around the boost gauge and EGT's like I used to. So far I'm really happy. Here are some pictures of the install of the turbo and HTT exhaust manifold I bought from you, of coarse I painted everything up with some High Heat/Ceramic coating paint to look nice, but it looks really good to me. Thanks again for all your help and care.

Regards, Mike Vieira


I'm sure you've been told the following a lot of times, but I've just got to say it....

In all sincerity, I can't begin to express what a positive experience you have made customizing my 2001 Dodge Ram. Living in a small town, there is no experience and no opportunity to purchase these type of parts locally, so the internet, e-mail, and phone calls are the only way to discuss options, learn from others experience, and obtain components. Thank you for being so patient with me on the telephone and explaining the pros and cons in such detail. You have suggested exactly the right upgrades, since each one has done exactly what I explained to you I wanted. I have always been apprehensive when dealing with someone I don't know and over a long distance. Your sincerity and honesty have completely put that concern to rest when it comes to dealing with you. All of my future upgrades will be from you!

Rob Milosh


Man, that exhaust sounds amazing! I drove most of the way to Roseburg with the passenger window rolled down. Passing semis, had to hammer it to listen to the exhaust notes. You can really hear the turbo singing, too. Turns a lot of heads, when I get on it hard. I got comments from the neighbors, coming back from the store this afternoon (they were wrenching on a '67 Camaro). They were really impressed with how sexy it sounds, even at idle.

Thanks again for the help putting on the turbo, I'd never have gotten it installed without your help. I still think you undercharged me for the exhaust, I hope you made some money on the deal.



I put my system on Saturday. I used the factory hanger, I cut them off with a chop saw then used a 4"small grinder to remove the hanger from the factory pipe. Then welded the hangers to the new 4" clamps. Did the same for the trans. hanger. I also wound up cutting off 3.25" off the tail pipe. It stuck out like a curb feeler. Thanks again for a honest price on a great system.

P.S. It took me about 5 hours to install.

Alan from Idaho


Rip installed an exhaust system today and it looks and sounds awesome. Allied muffler. Rip welded everything up and he is the man with the welder, laid down some pretty beads, looks like factory mig welds, no clamps, made hangers look like factory welded J-hooks. Aluminized steel. I think it is quieter now than before on the inside, the outside is audible out the tailpipe, not unpleasant, kinda sounds like a truck now. No harmonics. Don't tell my wife and I'll see if she notices...

Steve E from Beaverton, Oregon


I love it. I am very happy with the 4" system. I have only driven home and to the Tri Cities but it seems quieter than the stock system. Also it run about 125-150 degrees cooler on the exhaust temp.

Thanks again for the great job.

Doug O. from Hermiston


The exhaust sounds great! No drone, rattles or anything. Thank you Rip for taking your time and doing a great job on my truck I really appreciate it.

Mike Clay from Gresham

First off,

I would like to recommend YOUR steering upgrade to anyone running a 2500-3500 Dodge Ram that has the pre-08.5+ steering set up. I installed this on my truck at 108,000 miles and my truck is now at 125,000. I've driven it on a 3,000 mile vacation, hauled my boat 150 miles round trip to the lake and drove it as a daily driver. I can't begin to explain how much this changes how the truck handles and responds to input from you, the driver.I've let several of my friends drive it and every one of them said the same thing " wow, I wish my Dodge was this tight" and " This is like a car, nothing like my Duramax" :-).My apologies to the nice guy who emailed me asking how the install went. I meant to email back but never got to it.Install was a breeze. Hardest part was getting the pitman arm off the steering box but I persevered.Great product. Totally worth the $. I highly recommend putting this on your Dodge!

Jonathan Herr,
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