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Smarty Jr for 03-07 Dodge

Price: $495.00
Item Number: SJ06
Manufacturer: MADS Electronics
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This product is not legal for use in the State of California and therefore we cannot ship this to California.

This product is geared towards the customer who wants reliable and safe power for both the engine and the transmission combined with good fuel mileage. In fact, MADS Electronics main concerns during the development of the performance software have been lowest EGT's and lowest smoke levels possible. Even when used at the highest horsepower level, typical exhaust gas temperatures are on average 200°F cooler than with a stock software!

Under normal driving conditions Smarty Junior can be used without the need for gauges! Even towing...

Key features:

Power On Demand
40 / 70 / 100 hp power levels
Lowest EGT's in the industry
Improved fuel economy
Optimized drivability
Leaves no footprint
Internet updatable for latest calibrations
Easy installation
No tools necessary
Fastest programming in the industry
The same high quality as the Smarty your used to.
Additional features:
Diagnostic Trouble Code reading in plain English Adjust speedometer for tire sizes from 22.5" to 44"
100 power levels selectable in just one second while driving!
It's easy: just type the preferred power level directly on Smarty keyboard, from 00 to 99. That's all!For security reason, the truck waits until the throttle is released
before applying the new power level.

Now loaded with REVO Software!

For the first time the Cummins engine performance tuning software can be customized directly by the user. The first one in the industry !!!
The Revolution starts here

Today, this becomes reality!
When you enter the "ECM update" menu on Smarty JR you will find a newly added chapter:"Adjust Options".
Once entered, this menu allows you to choose among the items of customization.

The items are :

* Torque Management levels
* Injection timing

The levels are :

Torque Management
# 0 - Default
# 1 - Stock
# 2 - Mild
# 3 - Soft ( less than # 2 )
# 4 - Light ( less than #3 )

Injection Timing
# 0 - Default
# 1 - Stock
# 2 - Smarty standard
# 3 - Mild ( less advanced than # 2 )
# 4 - Advanced ( more timing advance than level # 2 )

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